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Sand surfing into the
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Te Kokota -
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Hangi cooked and taken from
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Sand surfing on the pure
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Murimotu - North Cape

Tour information

At Ahikaa Adventures we provide personalised Maori Cultural Eco Adventures around the sacred lands of our home, Cape Reinga.

Sand surfing

We have super fast, high quality sand boards made especially for sand surfing and guaranteed not to disappoint. Sand surfing is our game.

We provide full sand surfing instructions, safety advice and advice on which dune to surf on the level you would like to experience -
from family fun to extreme crazy... your choice!!!

Most people sand surf for an hour... but it's an hour of total full on screaming, exhilarating fun! When it rains, don't stay in your cars, the sand is slick and rain means "speed"!

Sand surfing : NZ$15.00
Toboggans (suitable for under 50kgs) : NZ$10.00
Full moon sand surfing tours (2 hours, minimum 2 people): NZ$50.00

All prices are per person.

Sand surf the dunes at night and feel the awesome space and the excitement as you come speeding down beneath a sparkling star- studded sky lit by a bright moon. How cool is that!

Eco Kayak Tours, Maori Legends, Guided Maori Fishing Trips

Moonlit / starlit kayak tours (2 hours)

Kayak down the beautiful Parengarenga Harbour under a crystal-clear star filled korowai (precious cloak). See the lights in the sea as fish and stingray swim gently by. Hear the silence and feel your connection to Papatuanuku, our Mother Earth and Ranginui, our Sky Father.

Kayak to Te Kokota, Silica White Sand Dunes (4 hours)
Kayak to Te Kokota where we will land and walk on this beautiful taonga (treasure). You will hear Maori legends about our tupuna, Kupe and the Kuaka bird (Godwit).

We can even tow you back if you feel the need for a rest!

Kayak, Hike, Snorkle / Fish for the keen (8 hours)
Kayak across the harbour, land and have refreshments. Hike for an hour over to a beautiful private stretch of beach, Ngakeno, where at the end is Murimotu, North Cape, shrouded with sea spray. This is the most northern point of Aotearoa. There is no land access to Ngakeno, Murimotu and Takapoukura. This is private and no entry. Absolute magic! You can snorkel or fish and cook your food on a manuka camp fire. Stories and yarns will be told.

A tow back home is on offer for the happily exhausted.

No tour is ever the same...

Kayak Silica White Sands Tour (4 hours) : NZ$120.00
Kayak Moonlit / Starlit tour (2 hours) plus campsite offer : NZ$70.00
Kayak Hike Snorkle/Fish Tour (8 hours) : NZ$190.00
Dingy fishing for 3 hours, basic tackle and bait supplied : NZ$80.00

All prices are per person unless stated otherwise. A minimum of three persons and a maximum of 13 for all tours.

Traditional Maori Food (Kai)

Hangi : traditionally cooked under the ground in an 'earth oven' : NZ$30.00 per person
Barbeque, kiwi style : NZ$25.00 per person
We will show you how to cook your fish catch of the day tunutunu - Maori style.

You will hear stories as told only by Ahikaa, true and tall and if you are really lucky... maybe even a song.

Booking Information

Please note, there are no banking or electronic cash facilities on site.

All tours, apart from sand surfing hire, require pre-booking – please use our booking form as we are usually on-site during the day and not contactable by phone until the evening.

Deposits : After we have advised you that a tour is available, a deposit of a minimum of one third of the total cost is required. The deposit may be paid by NZ dollar cheque or by transfer to our bank account. We are also able to accept credit card payments.

Cancellation : As a small business, cancellations do heavily impact on us and if we are not able to replace cancelled bookings, any deposit will be forfeited. Any refund of deposit will be in New Zealand dollars.

Balance of payment : The balance of payment may be paid on arrival by cash or NZ dollar cheque.

The owners of Ahikaa Adventures accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property while on our tours.

"The dunes are great fun. Got my heart racing and my head buzzing. Thanks for all the fun" Dylan from Canada
"So much fun and so fast. Thanks Dave for the great suggestions to get us down the dunes successfully" Nancy and John from Colorado, USA
"Great experience, we go really fast. A lot of adrenalin. Hope to be back again. It was very great" Felipe, Guivo, Ibralio from Chile
" Thank you so much. We had so much fun with our kids. Keep up the good work" Makesi from South Auckland NZ
"Great to meet you all !!! Hope you have an awesome year" Dayna xx -Studio 2
"Go the sand surfing ! So, so much fun. Great to meet and hang out with you" Matt - Studio 2
"Wow !!! That was so cool !!!" Gabriella - I Am TV
" Tu Meke guys" Peter Smith - Puriri Productions
"Wow ! From my Scottish Heart. This was and is an amazing thrill ! Loved it" Neil MacLeod Inverness
"Ka nui nga mihi ki a korua mo to korua manaaki mai ki a au. Arohanui" Roihana Nuri (Te Arawa, Tuhoe) Kokiri Magazine